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Our Process

Project timelines are almost always difficult to communicate between two organizations. We make it easy and transparent to understand how quickly we can turnaround work, so you can continue towards your goals. The easiest way for us to estimate the time of your work is through a quick conversation.

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We understand the pressures that come with development or fulfillment project timelines. At Magnum we are prepared to move quickly. Moving quick starts with the quoting process. If we have the appropriate information you will receive a quote within the next business day. Once we receive the PO the clock starts working toward your lead time. We regularly process 1 and 2 week lead times for PCBA. If there is extreme time pressures we can move as quickly as 2 business days. Our quick turn service gets customers back on track.
Our team works closely with clients to finalize prototypes into a production ready product. We strongly encourage our customers to be extremely involved with their target market during this phase. Changes are significantly easier to make during this phase. As the product development process advances, changes become more costly and time consuming. Thus why we strongly encourage this phase is taken very seriously by our clients.
With a wide array of expertise, the team is able to manufacture small assemblies, all the way up to assembling the final product in retail packaging and shipping it to end customers. If we did not design the product we will do a full review of the Bill Of Materials to generate valuable feedback for our clients such as possible areas of cost savings or availability concerns. This helps all stakeholders involved to avoid headaches that arise from part obsolescence or non-optimized designs.
Throughout the process Magnum can do more than design and build circuit boards as well.  We also integrate mechanical needs, such as enclosures, mounting hardware, cabling, packaging, and more.  To supplement our electronics designs we also design and build various levels of programming and testing fixtures to allow us, or the client, to test product functionality to whatever degree is necessary.  Please ask if you need something specific and you will be surprised by what we can offer.  We will also be up front with you when something is not in our wheelhouse and help to point you in the direction of a great resource.

At the beginning of every project we outline what measurable goals we’ll achieve and specify dates. Unlike many of our competitors, we deliver a working prototype AND design files. Many contract electronics engineers/firms will not release the design files (that you paid for!) to trap you into using them for production. We’re always glad to help with production, but want to make sure you’re choosing what’s best for you.

Recent Projects

Smart Dog Collar

GPS, Virtual Fence, Activity Tracker, Trainer, Whistle

With a short time frame, we were able to help the manufacturer build prototypes at an accelerated pace. With limited space available on the dog collar, we were able to create an amazing product that allows for GPS, virtual fence, activity tracking, training, & whistling. This project exemplifies how Magnum Engineering accelerates in the Internet of Things (IOT).

Industrial Chemical dispenser

Precisely dispenses chemicals at multiple locations across a plant

This industrial application needs to withstand a wide variety of environmental conditions and work extremely precisely. With our design of the electronics we have enabled the rest of the system to perform at it’s best.

Product Development Company

Handle the electronics portion of their products

Work with a product development company that has many expertise but choose to contract us for the electronics portion. Most of our work together is in the medical field.

 Gymnastics Training Equipment

 Mechanical design and manufacturing

This customer came to us with an idea and a proof of concept prototype. We designed the entire system to make it production ready. Now we manufacture all units, including custom packaging, and ship directly to their end customers. This project was a great example of our strengths in mechanical design and assembly in addition to our electronics capabilities.

 Touch Button LED Light

 Hardware and Firmware Design, PCBA Manufacturing

We were contracted after the first electronics design company had failed to develop a satisfactory design. Magnum developed a robust capacitive touch LED Light Assembly that functions exactly to the customer’s specifications. The light was programmed with a dimming cycle and memory to fit the needs of a wide variety of users.

 Integrated USB Charger

 Hardware and Firmware Design, PCBA Manufacturing

We were tasked with developing a dedicated USB charging port. This was a good example of working with a customer on a very compressed timeline with the mechanical constraints already defined. The customer had such a good experience working with us on the design they decided to contract us for the manufacturing as well; moving away from their traditional supplier.

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Client Comments

Past Client
A reliable development partner was critical for our success. Magnum always did what they said they would do.
Past Client
In 4 weeks Magnum successfully completed what our last designer failed to do in 4 months!
Past Client